Could you benefit from a shift to the cloud?

We've had a keen eye on the evolution of accounting software into the cloud, and are seeing the benefits across a variety of areas. We believe that a shift to a cloud based accounting program can save you time, simplify your record keeping, and increase the accuracy of your records.

Xero is an easy to use, online accounting system, specifically designed to minimise the time and hassle of business financial administration.  We use xero ourselves and we're confident that the platform can save you time and money. We've been able to experience these benefits first hand, and we want to help our clients get the most from this cloud accounting software.

If you're interested in learning more about how Xero and cloud accounting could help you, please contact Steven Kassulke or Marguerite Hannant, our Xero Certified Advisers.


Steven Kassulke

Xero Certified Adviser

Email: steven.kassulke[at]

Phone: (07) 3233 6400


Marguerite Hannant

Xero Certified Payroll Specialist

Email: marguerite.hannant[at]

Phone: (07) 3233 6400



How can Xero Help You?

We think Xero is great for a number of reasons:

Xero can also help you with:

Why choose O'Connells OBM to help you move to Xero?

While making a shift to the cloud is a big decision, we've got the systems in place to guide you through the setup process, initial training and support, as well as a post implementation program to ensure that you're getting the most out of the efficiencies of the software, and to drive additional solutions for your business.

Please contact Steven Kassulke for a free no obligation meeting or a Xero demonstration, or learn more about our preferred cloud accounting package Xero here.

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